Healing Touch for Animals

Healing Touch for Animals
Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is an energy field therapy that helps balance and clear the animal’s body energy systems to promote healing and well-being.  Healing Touch for Animals® can help with overall well-being, health issues (although not a substitute for veterinary medicine), healing from accidents and injuries, pain control, trauma release, anxiety and stress reduction, grief, and even to provide support during euthanasia. The goal of HTA is to restore harmony and balance to the animal’s body energetically, which then allows the body to heal and gives the animal a sense of well-being.

I have received comprehensive training from the Healing Touch for Animals® program and am proud to be a Healing Touch Practitioner. I can offer either in-person healing touch sessions or distance sessions for animals including cats, dogs, horses, and birds – really any species.

Healing Touch for Animals® involves a toolbox of energetic techniques that can be used to address a variety of animal conditions. Here are some examples of how I have used healing touch to help animals: 1) anxiety reduction 2) post-surgery repair/ recovery, 3) severe skin allergies 4) kidney stone issues, 5) laminitis, 6) intestinal issues

Chakras are the 7 energetic zones of the body that are spinning wheels of energy. When the Chakras are open, the body works in harmony. When a chakra is closed, it causes congestion that negatively impacts feelings and energy and healing. The first step in in HTA is to do a chakra assessment to determine which chakras are open, closed or compromised.  Then a chakra balancing technique is typically used. Additional treatment technique/s are then selected and used.  At the end, another Chakra assessment is done.

Process for requesting Healing Touch for Animals® Services

  • Please contact me by phone or text (808-722-6330) or email houpoaloha@gmail.com or complete the intake form here. If you are unsure if energetic healing can help or, if you want to know more, please contact me for a free information session.
  • We will schedule a time to talk prior to my energetic work with your animal.
  • If you decide to proceed, I will send you an HTA form to sign and return prior to the HTA session.
  • If you are requesting distance healing, you will need to send me a photo of the animal (full body)
  • Healing Touch sessions are generally done in person, but they can be done from a distance as well
  • I will discuss the findings, results and recommendations of the HTA session with you and you will be given a written copy.
  • Clients are requested to complete an Evaluation form at the end of the HTA session.

Fees for Healing Touch for Animals® Services

For distance sessions, rather than setting fees, I prefer offering donation based services. This way, those who are experiencing financial challenges can still access my energetic healing services. Those who are not, can give a donation based on the value of the session to them that is within their budget. For in-person sessions, the minimum donation is $50 per hour in Honolulu. $75 per hour outside Honolulu on the island of Oahu. Any donation can be done either before or after the HTA session. The typical HTA session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Healing Touch sessions can be combined with Animal Communication Services and I find that is a very powerful combination.