Animal Communication

Animals communicate telepathically by sharing their thoughts, feelings, images and physical sensations. Animal Communication is the ability to communicate with animals telepathically. Just like learning to speak or understand any foreign language, it takes practice to become fluent. As a Certified Animal Communicator, I have received extensive training in Animal Communication from The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication; a legitimate and respected training program. Animal Communication can be done with all species. I have successfully communicated with dogs, cats, horses, chickens and even an elephant!

Animal Communication can be used in a variety of situations:

  • Behavioral problems – Does your animal exhibit behaviors that are concerning to you? Behaviors such as aggression, running off, excessive barking, soiling outside the litter box. I can help by finding out the reason for the behavior from the animal’s perspective and asking what they need to change the behavior, which can be the key to resolution.
  • Emotional Issues –Does your animal seem fearful or anxious or need help in overcoming a traumatic event? I can help animals recover from an abusive past or help by finding out the root cause of the fear and then providing a new perspective or authentic reassurance.
  • Physical issues – Neither animals nor Animal Communicators can diagnose medical conditions. However, I can communicate with your animal to ask if they are in pain and the severity of the pain; what the pain feels like, the location of the pain, and what makes it feel better or worse. With this information people can give clearer information to their veterinarian. I can also provide comforting energy work (see Healing Touch page). In addition, I can also help your animal understand upcoming veterinary visits and get their input on treatment options.
  • End of life issues – At such an emotional time, people really appreciate finding their pet’s preferences regarding readiness to transition or not, if their pet wants help, and how will they show their person if/when they are ready. Animals can also let us know how they want to be remembered. All this can be very reassuring to people who are not sure what their pet desires.
  • After Life – I specialize in communicating with animals who have already transitioned. Giving messages to beloved animals and hearing their messages most often results in a great sense of peace and gratitude and enormous emotional healing. People also find great joy in knowing and experiencing that their connection and bond with their beloved companion is still strong and vibrant.
  • Lost animals – With a one-time communication session, I can try to identify the location of the animal (what it looks like where they are at the time of the communication and by map dowsing for the general area). The challenge here is that animals are often moving constantly and are usually fearful. These cases can be extremely challenging and there is no guarantee they will stay in one place or that they will be found.
  • Soul Contracts / Past Lives – Having been witness to the amazing gifts given to us from those in the animal kingdom, I can state that there are often agreements between people and their animals. I can explore these soul contracts with you and your animal. I can also ask your animal about your shared past lives.
  • General well-being – Asking your animal what activities they prefer, how they would feel about bringing a new pet into the household, what their preferences are for pet sitters and food are some common topics.

Process for requesting Animal Communication Services

  • Please contact me by phone or text (808-722-6330) or email or complete the intake form here.
  • If you are unsure if Animal Communication can help or, if you just want to know more, please contact me for a free consultation.
  • We will schedule a time to talk prior to my communication with your animal. Please note: I can only talk to your animal (not your neighbor’s or your friend’s)
  • You will need to send me a photo of the animal (preferably full body – showing the face clearly)
  • Animal Communication sessions are generally done from a distance, rather than in person. I can communicate with animals literally anywhere in the world and even after their transition
  • After the Communication session, I will schedule a Feedback Session with you to share the results of the Communication
  • Every consultation includes a Written Transcript of the Communication
  • Most consultations include a written Action Plan to address identified issues. The Action Plan is done with input from you, your animal and me.
  • In most cases, I will also schedule a Follow Up with you about two weeks after the communication session to see how your animal is responding to the Action Plan
  • Clients are requested to complete an Evaluation form at the end of the Feedback Session

Fees for Animal Communication Services

Rather than setting fees, I prefer offering donation based services. This way, those who are experiencing financial challenges can still access my Animal Communication services. Those who are not, can give a donation based on the value of the communication to them that is within their budget. Any donation can be done either before or after the Animal Communication session. Each consultation takes between 2-4 hours to fully complete.  A $50 minimum donation is requested.